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As the name of our school shows, it isn't a state school but a private school.

Students attend the school from the first to the thirteenth class and they learn all kinds of subjects according to a curriculum that is typical of any Waldorf school. During the first eight school years they are taught most of the subjects by their form teacher; apart from those lessons, they start learning English and French from the very start of their school life. In addition, our students learn how to do various kinds of practical work, such as knitting, doing carpentry, gardening and eurythmy. They also spend a two week – practical training with a forester where they learn how to deal with plants in the forest properly and how to treat nature respectfully. Moreover, they learn how to build boats and use them for a trip with the complete class.

From the ninth class onwards, each class has got two form teachers. As the students are going to take the same centralized exams as the students at state schools, our students continue learning the same subjects as they do, but again they do a lot of additional subjects such as working with metal, stonemasonry and acting on stage. They also take part in some more practical trainings, for example on a farm and in any kind of social institution.

From the seventh to the tenth class students can participate in various group exchange programmes with different European countries; others go on individual exchanges with students from Waldorf schools all over the world.

At the end of the eleventh class, our students take the secondary school qualifications for which they have to take exams in German, English and Maths. At the end of the thirteenth class, they have to take four written end two oral exams in order to achieve their school leaving certificate.

As we are a small school with about 350 students, the atmosphere is very personal. A close contact between the students, their teachers and their parents is one of the most important characteristics of our school. Apart from the knowledge that the students achieve as they need it for their qualifications, we try to create their environmental awareness so that they are well prepared to deal responsibly with the world we live in.

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