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The most important task of the school is being active in multilingualism, flexible curriculum, overview of the curricular plans and contents along the school vertical, cross-curricular activities and formative monitoring.

As a part of self-evaluation, we give special emphasis on reading literacy. We carry out mutual lesson observations where we observe cross-curricular activities, reading literacy development or formative monitoring. We are endeavouring to educate children as well as to upgrade educational plan of the school.

Teachers use e-classrooms in their lessons (Mahara, Moodle, Google Classroom). We participate in the international project Start the change, carried out by Mladinski center Dravinjske doline (Youth centre of the Dravinja Valley). The project is based on transmission of democratic values, basic human rights, cross-cultural understanding, voluntarism and active citizenship among the youth. The aim of the project is to prepare young people to become responsible and educated members of our society.

We have implemented an intergenerational project which promotes voluntary work. The students work as volunteers at the retirement home, kindergarten and school for students with learning disabilities. They also help each other with schoolwork.

A lot of attention is given to preparation of healthy school meals for our students and employees.

Two years ago, we stopped offering drinks with added sugar. Now only water or sugar-free tea are available. We have been consulting a clinical dietitian to get some guidelines for providing quality and energetically balanced meals.

One of the major events organized by our school is called Žur pod goro where our students and their parents are involved in different sport activities during the day.

Children with special needs

We offer individual professional help for the students with special needs, provided by special educational needs teachers, class teachers, teachers teaching different subjects, pedagogues and a psychologist.


Gifted children

In the 4th grade we carry out assessments for identifying gifted children. We implement enriching workshops covering different topics for these children. At the beginning of the school year class teachers organize individual meetings for children and their parents. The aims of the meetings are to present workshops or camps offered during the school year, to prepare individual programmes considering the student’s goals and to get to know the student better.



School rules have been updated regarding violence at school and different activities which should positively affect the classroom atmosphere have been planned. We have joined the international project by Društvo za boljši svet (Association for better world). The project started in 2017 and is supposed to last for 5 years. Three classes are included in the project and 5 teachers are qualified to work with them.

European projects

We have been taking part in ERASMUS+ projects for several years, especially in the programme KA1 which enables us to send our teachers to structured courses and job shadowing.

Three Erasmus+ KA1 projects for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 have already been completed. The main contents of the projects were teaching lessons for children with special needs and educating the teachers to lead international projects. Eight employees were sent to the international course for conducting international projects in Porto, organized by the IFEL institute. They are actively involved in international projects, and four of them are included in Erasmus+ work group.

We are working on a running Erasmus+ KA1 project for the year 2017.

Before Erasmus+ we had taken part in COMENIUS project “Friendship Makes the Universe Smaller” and an eTwinning project.

In 2018 we received a Quality Apple award for the project “Connected in Diversity” for the most quality and outstanding international project which lasted from 2015 to 2017.

Computer science

We are experienced in using ICT. Robotics is one of the main extra-curricular activities at our school. We work with Makeblock mBot and LEGO Mindstorms. We take part in the FLL competition with LEGO Mindstorms. Programming is also a part of Robotics (Arduino, Micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, HTML, JavaScript, Python, etc). We work with Virtual Reality (Youtube, FB, Thinglink, Google expeditions, Roundme, CoSpaces,… ) and make VR movies in Pinnacle. We have 15 VR glasses used for teaching different school subjects. We have a 360 -degree camera for making films and photos. We have a multimedia studio where we make films, work with photos, stop animations, sounds, radio, etc.

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